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You can personalize your license plates for a one-time fee of $ An additional $50 fee is applied to reactivate the personalized plates in the event that. The Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) is pleased to offer an online search and order service for vanity license plates. The online process is easy and. If you do not receive your registration documents within two weeks or your custom plates within six weeks, contact the Custom Plates Unit at

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Distinctive License Plates (all vehicles) Click on a license plate image to view more information about the plate. Each distinctive plate will have a. Points, Suspensions, & Reinstatements; Vehicle Title & Registration; License Plates; Driver & Vehicle Records; New to Nebraska Customize your plate! Vanity Plate Options: Any combination of letters and numbers - seven characters or less. There will be no dashes or extra spaces between letters. Only one dot.

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Personalized license plates are available for passenger vehicles registered in PEI, including motorcycles. The Registrar of Motor Vehicles will issue a. Any owner of a motor vehicle, including a motorcycle, may apply for the issuance of a special “prestige” or “vanity” registration plate. For personalized plates please click here to order your plate. DMV will not issue personalized plates that display symbols in a combination that is.