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How to Relieve a Head Cold and Head Congestion · Rest · Stay Hydrated · Add Moisture to the Air · Don't Use Antibiotics to Treat Colds. Get lots of rest. Make sure your runny nose doesn't get in the way of your sleep — take a shower before bed or use a humidifier in your bedroom. In other cases, you may need to take a medicine, such as a nasal spray containing steroids. Steroid nasal sprays help to relieve the congestion, but you need to.

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6 Simple Home Remedies To Stop Runny Nose · Use steam to ease discomfort by reducing the mucus produced by runny noses. · Try medication and supplements to. Over-the-counter options · Nasal flush: With special bottles like the Neti Pot, you can use boiled or distilled water to flush out the nose. · Nasal decongestant. Drink lots of water and warm liquids to help the mucus drain. Keeping your body hydrated encourages the fluids in your nose to drain away, which will help your.

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If the runny nose is associated with a cold, rest is the best course of action. Inhalation of essential oils may provide relief as it helps the mucous to drain. Stop a Runny Nose: Home Remedies for Stuffy Nose · Rinsing your sinuses · Using a humidifier · Drinking plenty of liquids. Drinking plenty of clear fluids ensures that the mucus can stay runny so it is easier to expel through blowing your nose. Avoiding drinks that can dehydrate.