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1. Find your home's total square footage if you will be heating and cooling the entire area. · 2. Calculate the British thermal units required to heat and cool. Select an R-Value number between for each input field below. R-Value is a measure of the capacity of an insulating material to resist heat flow. The higher. 1 Cubic Foot (ft 3, CF) = Approx BTUs. 5 per pipe length +50% and energy content in propane is Btu/cu ft. Heating BTU Calculator & Heaters by BTU. A.

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Total Recommended BTUs Note: This calculator is meant to be used only as a general www.ukrmedia.rul factors may drastically change cooling BTU needs. Use our calculator to determine the right heating system for you. Just estimate the cubic feet of the space you need heated, select a desired temperature rise. BTU = Flow Rate In GPM (of water) x (Temperature Leaving Process - Temperature Entering Process) x *Formula changes with fluids others than straight water.

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BTU CALCULATOR MODELS | MAXIMUM BTU'S. MODELS | MAXIMUM BTU'S. Safer and More Efficient Commercial and Industrial Heating Options. Safer. The BTU (British Thermal Unit) is a standard measure used for rating the energy output of appliances (such as heating and cooling systems) and for measuring. If the conditions of case II prevailed all day, you would require 40 degree-days of heating, and therefore require 40 degree-days x BTU/degree day =