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The American Heart Association states the normal resting adult human heart rate is 60– bpm. Tachycardia is a high heart rate, defined as above bpm at. What's a Normal Heart Rate? · babies (birth to 3 months of age): – beats per minute · kids 1–3 years old: 70– beats per minute · kids by age 55– Help your heart work stronger · 45 years: 88 to beats per minute · 50 years: 85 to beats per minute · 55 years: 83 to beats per minute · 60 years: 80 to.

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The average resting heart rate is between 60 and , he says. The more fit you are, The maximum rate is based on your age, as subtracted from Normal values for pulse rate depend on age and fitness level. A normal adult has a pulse rate of 72 per minute and an athlete's pulse rate maybe below 50 per. Age, Normal heart rate (bpm) ; Up to 1 month, 70 to ; From 1 to 11 months, 80 to ; From 1 to 2 years, 80 to ; From 3 to 4 years, 80 to

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A normal resting heart rate for most people is between 60– beats per minute. maximum heart rate can be calculated by subtracting your age from The normal pulse rate for people aged 18 and above varies from beats per minute. For individuals between years, the normal pulse rate is “At rest, a healthy heart rate falls in the range of heart beats per minute,” shares Clinical Assistant Professor Ho Kah Leng​, Senior Consultant.